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The Cyberdelic Podcast


Augmenting reality is an innately human desire to share our ideas and perceptions in order to feel connected. Welcome to The Cyberdelic Podcast, where startup CEO Nils Pihl and co-founder & anthropologist Damir First explore how memetics and cultural transhumanism influence our (digital) reality. If you are interested in understanding how ideas shape culture, technology, and the metaverse, you are in the right space. The goal of The Cyberdelic Podcast is to bring into our collective consciousness the idea that we should be mindful of the ideas and memes that we propagate. Culture is crowdsourced! We wish to provide the framework and tools to empower cultural authorship. Will future kingdoms of imagination be owned by companies who surveil and monetize our thoughts and actions or be privacy-preserving, deeply humane, and artistic spaces that our digital identity can call home?